What Internet Is Doing To Our Brains ?

Incet, incet, internetul ne schimba felul in care gandim, felul in care preluam si integram informatia, felul in care sunt capabili sa producem ceva original si de valoare. Daca simtiti ca incepeti sa pierdeti lupta cu multitudinea de optiuni si atacul sistematic al internetului de fiecare zi, va recomand sa trageti adanc aer in piept si sa cititi cartea asta.

Un mic fragment:

“The web combines the technology of hypertext with the technology of multimedia to deliver what’s called ‘hypermedia’. It’s not just words that are served up and electronically linked, but also images, sounds, and moving pictures. Just as the pioneers of hypertext once believed that links would provide a richer learning experience for readers, many educators also assumed that multimedia, or ‘rich media’ as it’s sometimes called, would deepen comprehension and strengthen learning. The more inputs, the better. But this assumption, long accepted without much evidence, has also been contradicted by research. the division of attention demanded by multimedia further strains our cognitive abilities, diminishing our learning and weakening our understanding. When it comes to supplying the mind with the stuff of thought, more can be less”

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