Extraordinary Covers

Unele melodii au asteptat zeci de ani pentru cea mai buna interpretare.

Iata o lista de coveruri care suna chiar mai bine decat originalul:

Crying In The Rain

dupa Everly Brothers

My Way

dupa Frank Sinatra

Love Hurts

dupa Everly Brothers


dupa Depeche Mode

Since I Don’t Have You

dupa The Skyliners

Simply The Best

dupa Bonnie Tyler


dupa Nine Inch Nails

I Will Always Love You

dupa Dolly Parton


dupa U2

Whiskey In The Jar

Dupa, printre altii, Thin Lizzy (e o melodie populara)

It’s Oh So Quiet

dupa acest domn 🙂

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

dupa Bob Dylan

Always On My Mind

dupa Elvis Presley

I’m On Fire

Dupa Bruce Springsteen

Bonus – Ooops, I Did It Again!

dupa Britney Spears 🙂

Se pare ca Johnny Cash e taticul lor 🙂

Iar Everly Brothers au fost geniali.

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