Social Talking Bitch…

Iata un post interesant de la o formatie care a explodat practic prin social media – DIE ANTWOORD

Pe mine ma depaseste putin dar mi se pare de referinta despre cum se comunica cu roboteii astia sociali mada faka new generation de 12-18 ani.


dearly BELOVED
yor boy NINJA spking
we bin tucked away in our zef lil temple of doom fucking wif dis DONKER MAG album 4 a lil bit now
it’s already like10 trax thick or summing an dis dark juice jus keeps gushing…
dis DM’s joints by far da illest shit we ever fucked wif handz down
i can’t fukn wait 4 it 2 pop
my rapping haz dived deep in2 a hole new level of lusssh
lil miss VI$$ER iz az dark an deadly az usual…kid jus keeps getting bettr n bettr doe
and my nigga HI-TEK is jus..fuck.. i cant wait 2 drop dis fukn shit…jeeeziz
dis DM album iz hard an dark an club an experimental an psychedelic an soft an dreamy an stormy an pop an sexy az fuck!
dark future pop stylez
da DONKER MAG album cover/artwork iz getting did by my mos favrit artist on da planet…u gonna fkn die!!!
bin waiting 2 work wif dis kid 4 soooooooo long!!!
secretsssecretsssecrets…so many secrets!!!
we also bout 2 start shooting a big bad sci-fi feature film wif my number1 homeboy NEILL BLOMKAMP
flix called CHAPPIE…in case u didn’t already no
NINJA an YO-LANDI r starring az demselves in lead rolez…
it’s pretty much gon b da illest movie in da history of all time
gon b shooting frm now till like jan 2014
gon b taking lil hype breaks in between shooting CHAPPIE 2 jump in2 HI-TEKS studio an keep hitting our dark lil DONKER MAG spell…
trying 2 drop full DONKER MAG album sumtime in early 2014 wif a big fat world tour
so don’t worry… u wont b sorry 4 long
jus keeping u kidz in da loop…
need 2 fuck off now
keep it zef

ps: yo-landi says “i luf choooOOOOZzz!!!xxxX

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