Artificial Intelligence Countdown

The road to Skynet, as we see it.

“If we invent machines that can think, then those machines will invent machines that can think and they’ll invent better machines and very quickly the machines will be a thousand times better then us.”

In 1950, Alan Turing defined the “Turing Test” as a machine’s ability to be indistinguishable from humans. In the same year, John von Neumann defined the “Technological Singularity” as the point at which machines would gain super-human intelligence and then be able to build machines increasingly super-human in a chain reaction that allowed them to evolve far beyond us.

In the shadows, machines are increasing their superiority at a frightening rate. This is a chronology of the events toward singularity, as we can depict it out of the public scene.

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4 aprilie 2018 – The Threat Of AI Weapons

4 aprilie 2018 – Will AI Make Us Immortal?


3 aprilie – AI’s Take Over Involves More Humanization

19 martie 2018 – Two bots talking

9 martie 2018 – Will the future be human? Yuval Harari

7 martie 2018 – How AI is changing the way we make music

7 martie 2018 – Humans slapped and shouted at robot cars

15 feb 2018 – AI startups ramp up

14 feb 2018 – Robots had their own skiing competition at the Winter Olympics

10 feb 2018 – His 2020 Campaign Message – Robots Are Coming

5 feb 2018 – AI making music

24 ian 2018 – AI is learning what are you willing to pay

23 ian 2018 – Google’s AI Makes Its Own AI Children

23 ian 2018 – AI generated Coachella lineup

15 ian 2018 – Artificial intelligence bot beats humans at reading in a first for machines

14 ian 2018 – Elon Musk and OpenAI Want to Create an Artificial Intelligence that Won’t Spell Doom for Humanity

15 nov 2017 – The creepy world of Boston Dynamics

(111417 Waltham, MA) The new Spot Mini robot by Waltham based Boston Dynamics. Photo courtesy of Boston Dynamics

6 nov 2017 – Renault and the first car driven by human mind 

25 oct 2017 – Sophia, the first robot to be granted citizenship

25 oct 2017 – AI Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm

 22 oct 2017 – Brain acceleration technique

18 oct 2017 – AlphaGo Zero, a step closer to singularity

16 oct 2017 – Google Machine Learning Software Has Learned To Replicate Itself

oct 2017 – Artificial intelligence camera

13 Iunie 2017Just 10% of trade is regular stock picking


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